Vision, Mission & Objectives | National Institute for zorigchusum

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To become a premier training institute that nurtures exemplary craftsmanship in Zorig Chusum (13 Arts and Crafts)


The Institute shall strive to preserve and promote traditional arts and crafts through quality training, research and by reviving the dying traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan.


  • Provide quality training through regular and need-based courses to enhance self-employment.
  • Conduct market research for product innovation
  • Promote equity and inclusion to achieve gender parity and increase access to persons with disability (PWD)
  • Build industrial linkage to better prepare for work

The Five Zorig Commitments

  1. Commitment to quality
  2. Commitment to lifelong learning
  3. Commitment to enterprise
  4. Commitment to dignity of labor
  5. Commitment to integrity