HURRY…… Get Skilled, Be Somebody! | National Institute for zorigchusum

HURRY…… Get Skilled, Be Somebody!

HURRY…….OPPORTUNITY to Get Skilled, Be Somebody!

We are pleased to announce the following slots for interested candidates with any qualifications under SDP (Skills Development Plan):

  1. Painting/Shingtshon  – 30 slots
  2. Weaving/Thazo – 08 slots
  3. Smithery/Trezo  – 08 slots
  4. Woodcarving/Patra – 12 slots
  5. Sculpture/Jimzo – 12 slots 
  6. Tshemdu/Embroidery – 15 slots

Please note that online applications will open from 30th August 2022 and will close on 13th September 2022. Please visit  to access TVET MIS. All registration must be done through Course Announcement under TVET MIS.  

Important Reminder to all interested applicants: All applicants must complete online application by submitting all required documents. For further information and clarification, please write to us at or call us at 322302 during office hours. 

Course Start date: 15th September 2022

Time: 5:00 -7:00 pm

Venue: Institute premises